Monday, February 10, 2020

Dying With my Books on

No, that wasn't a typo. It was inspired by this post, from Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

I'm still on the road to getting my first full book out. I've written - and published - a few short stories. But my first book, written in a frenzy during NaNoWriMo, remains in a not-polished state. I liked it, but wanted to make it better, and knew that I could not do it justice just yet.

So, I started another book - one that, as I edit the first half for continuity issues - really excites me. I like the character development, the dialogue, and the plot. I've been nearly halted on it for over 2 months, due to just awful knee issues that have kept me from doing much of anything, and have left me badly sleep-deprived.

I came to a decision today - no matter how I feel, no matter how scattered my thoughts, I need to suck it up and finish the book. I've been doing a lot of blog reading and writing for the last couple of months - just had no energy for more.

I have no idea how I'm going to manage this. I just know I have to do it. So, I'll likely not be doing too much blogging - maybe 2-3 times a week, if that. The Republic will just have to manage, until I get that book finished.

And, to be honest, although it's entertaining, politics, at this time, is less scary than it's been for a long time. After seeing Trump manage that Impeachment debacle, I've decided to have some confidence in him.

I'll periodically update here about my progress - perhaps, once a week.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

February Entry to IWSG Blog Hop

I regularly see works of art featured at Ace of Spades blog, and at Woodpile Report.

Both blogs generally show traditional paintings, often of old masters (including those of other countries and by women). When they explain the meaning behind the composition, the choice of colors, and other parts of the paintings, I know that I have missed a vital part of my education.

In photos, although I take my own, they seldom measure up to those of truly expert photographers. My focus, and my training, is on using words to express myself.

Still, I do appreciate the works. I've long enjoyed the moody, nighttime paintings of Edward Hopper.

I've worked the night shift. I know how the craving for human contact rises in the dark. At those times, the urge to confess and connect is nearly irresistible. For that reason, I wrote:

Click on the link to see the summary - if you'd like to download it, the price is set by the reader (99 cents or less). Don't feel obligated to pay anything.

Monday, February 03, 2020

Lazy Days and Lazy Nights

I've been physically lazy for the last month - I picked up a respiratory infection, then my knee joints acted up (they are quite disobedient!). The last couple of days is the first time I've felt like doing anything but laying around and reading.

And, I do mean anything - I've not even been writing. Just sleepy and miserable.

But, today, I feel - if not really well - then, at least, much better. So, I spent the morning clearing out the detritus of life (bills, email, cleaning, etc.), and will get on the road, after I finish this and clean up myself.

The coronavirus scare has lead me to get back to Pruning the Planet - a bioterrorism novel that has been in the works since last summer. I printed out the WIP so far, and I'm truly excited about it. With some work, it may be finished and ready to publish before summer begins.

Although it's not a GOOD thing, the news about the Coronavirus outbreak has given me a lot of research links, and a book about the national plan for fighting outbreaks (hint: it's inadequate and out of date) - Three Seconds to Midnight. The book is jam-packed with scientific details of the kind that will be very helpful in my book.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

#IWSGPit Entry

I didn't post one. My WIP is incomplete (although, as I looked at a printed draft yesterday, looking good, although needing some tightening), and only completed work will qualify. Oh, well, I'll try again at a future opportunity.

I took a day off. I need to get to the gym, and Senior Yoga is in the early afternoon. I'm feeling cautiously hopeful about my progress. I've been hitting all my daily step goals (if I'm still doing well by the weekend, I'm gonna up my goals).

Right now, I'm in a good mix of sub work, insurance work, and writing. The thing holding me up is the times when DH is home, and he wants company. Hard to say, No, I'd rather sit at my laptop and interact with imaginary people.

But, sometimes, that's just what I want to do.

Monday, January 13, 2020

FINALLY Getting Back to the Novel!

I've been stalled for some time. Work pressures, visiting over the holidays, personal stuff like organizing, cleaning, preparing our taxes - all of those took my focus off the important things.

But, on Saturday, I printed out my WIP, and stuffed it into my bag today. I was subbing, and I was pretty sure that I would find a few minutes to do some editing and planning.

Which, it turned out, I did. I'm now looking at page 53, and the work so far has fired me up with hope. It's seldom that I think, Dang! This is good!

I'm doing that now. I'm sure I'll be up and down a few times again before it's finished, but, for the first time in a long time, I can begin to see the end.

I've taken the time to make some cards up of characters/places in the book. Hopefully, this will help me keep on track and not get twisted up in a tangled mess.

If I can just manage to get some quiet time (the last class of the day is the noisy one - there's always ONE class that just gets on your nerves), I'll feel as though it was all worth it - both work on the book, and money made by subbing.

Spending the time on the Insecure Writers Support Group website has been a big help to me in getting back on track.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

New Start to Writing in the New Year

I have been writing for some time - mostly blogging, although also some short stories. My longer work has been bogged down for a long time.

I decided to join up with the Insecure Writers Support Group. I've received some good advice on that site, and thought it a good thing to return the favor by supporting them.

Here's the site.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Broaden Your Perspective

I found this link on The Passive Voice. It's called the Book Blind Taste Test. The idea is that you will use the New Releases promotions at your local library to broaden your reading tastes:
The parameters of the project are fairly simple: you must read one book by a new-to-you author, either one you’ve never heard of or one you’ve been meaning to get to, and give it at least fifty  pages. 
I do like this idea, and - once I've finished the revisions - try this idea out. That will likely take me into the fall. If you're on board with this idea, use your local library, and report back in the comments about the experience.

I do like the idea of only committing to 50 pages - if I REALLY hate the book, I can return it, without wasting a lot of time on it.

But, the idea appeals to me, because I only read my first science fiction book as a result of a friend leaving the first book of the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov behind when he moved to another apartment. I read it, and was hooked.

Dying With my Books on

No, that wasn't a typo. It was inspired by this post, from Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I'm still on the road to getting my first full ...